Touching your world

Our eNewsletters help get your message out speaking your language to the audience you want to touch.

We provide trusted email marketing (referred to as enewsletters, e-ads, e-invitations) which is a proven method to:

  • increase sales and awareness
    – by connecting with your audience
  • remain front-of-mind when your
    contacts are deciding to purchase/donate

    by connecting when your target is receptive
  • drive traffic to your website
    with enewsletters, it’s just a click away
  • track your sales
    the proof is in your statistical report, which quantifies which messages
    attract the most attention

Planning events or fundraising?


  • track interest before your event
    through your enewsletter statistics
  • gain word-of-mouth
    through the unique forward function
  • encourage participation and
    follow-up with a ‘thank you’

    quickly and conveniently
  • provide more value and
    profile to your sponsors

    with quantifiable exposure and the ability to click to each sponsor’s

What is different about enewsletters from eTouchServices:


Your enewsletter maintains the integrity of your brand, helping you develop a successful emarketing relationship with
your customers (ie. each of your customers are individually addressed – we don’t just mass email to “customer list user”).


eTouchServices maintains a stringent privacy policy that exceeds PIPEDA privacy laws, so you can relax knowing your customer contact is professionally managed.


Expert enewsletters are our business, not an add-on. Since inception in 2003, eTouchServices remains focused on privacy
issues, emarketing trends, secure delivery and audience perceptions. We relish in helping our clients achieve and
continually increase their enewsletter success.


let the statistics speak for themselves. Your post-campaign reports will help you maximize your advertising budget with
statistics on which offers and events are attracting the most attention. This detailed feedback is unmatched in
conventional advertising mediums.


Our servers never sleep. We do, but not very much.

While you’re busy taking care of business, we’re continually adjusting technology and messaging to ensure your audience’s experience is professional and rewarding.

A little bit about eTouchServices

A Canadian company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, eTouchServices delivers successful emarketing solutions to retailers, corporations, event/fundraising promoters and membership-based organizations.

Founded in 2003, eTouchServices maintains focused on providing outstanding, customized services.

Privacy is a high priority

You can rest assured knowing that your e-marketing is professionally managed and in compliance with the Government of Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Concentrate on running your business or organization while we’re successfully reaching your target audience.

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