Spring your eNews forward

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Clean sweep your data!!

Dust the cobwebs off your database along with the corners of the office! Having a robust, active and accurate database is GOLDEN but springtime lends a natural time to vet your data and ensure it’s working for your audience (which means it’s working for you!) Here are just some of the metrics we watch for in our client’s eNewsletter databases:    

Bouncebacks how many email addresses are bouncing back? Are they “soft” or “hard” bouncebacks?   → Bad email addresses not only are they taking up space, but they can damage your sending reputation. If they’re bad – sweep them up and toss them in the bin!   →Engagement is your database feeling the ‘luv’? In other words, are your messages resonating with your audience and turning into ROI?

  A clean sweep of your email database might be just want you need to breath new life into your email marketing.   We can help! Call on us today to maximize the ‘gift’ of being forwarded!

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