Making email work for you

A direct marketing approach
with low overhead and high impact.

  • Expert Marketing

    Get the best return on investment with our expertise
  • Brand-tailored
    Custom Design

    Tailored for your brand
  • Professionally
    Managed Lists

    Spam filter safe and secure
  • Detailed

    Detailed information about your campaign’s performance

With you from start

Begin or expand your current customer/membership email database – we’ll give you all the tools to accomplish this (Point-of-Sale and online tools to encourage your audience to subscribe.) Don’t worry about ‘invalid’ emails or duplicates – we clean and securely manage your list for you.

Your message, our expertise

We work hand in hand to combine your industry knowledge with your marketing and technology expertise. With experience in the strategy and delivery of literally hundreds of thousands of successful enewsletters, we apply our knowledge to advise on the optimal messaging, subject lines, timing and frequency of your enewsletters.

Planning to succeed

As your emarketing evolves, we’ll investigate tactics for increased success ie. segmenting your database for more targeted enewsletters, preview offers, messaging based on audience demographics, etc. Tap into eTouchServices’ experience for your expert enewsletters.

For your business

  • increase sales and awareness – by connecting with your audience
  • remain front-of-mind when your – contacts are deciding to purchase/donate by connecting when your target is receptive
  • drive traffic to your website – with enewsletters, it’s just a click away
  • track your sales – the proof is in your statistical report, which quantifies which messages attract the most attention

For your events

  • track interest before your event – through your enewsletter statistics
  • gain word-of-mouth – through the unique forward function
  • encourage participation and follow-up with a ‘thank you’ – quickly and conveniently
  • provide more value and profile to your sponsors – with quantifiable exposure and the ability to click to each sponsor’s website

Overview of technology features

  • secure email database management – duplicates, invalids, unsubscribes – these are all managed for you by eTouchServices’ exceptional PIPEDA-compliant standards
  • your organization’s name appears in the “from” field (boosting your brand)
  • an online version of your e-newsletter is included so recipients who read their email behind firewalls that automatically block images, can still easily access your enewsletter
  • each recipient is personally addressed with only their own email/name visible. This is more considerate than “BCC”, while ensuring privacy protection
  • the web-based forward-to-a-friend function ensures your hotlinks and images remain visible (unlike forwarding from traditional programs such as Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). This functionality makes it easy for recipients to share your enewsletter with others, helping you maximize on ‘word-of-email’ referrals.

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