In this season of giving…how much attention have you given your Holiday email campaign?

email marketing strategy for 2017

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways for marketing your business at any time of the year. As the new year unfolds, think about how you can leverage email as part of your marketing strategy. Millions of shoppers will be making their buying decisions online. If you’re a charity, it’s also the best, most personal way to reach existing and potential supporters.

While our inboxes are busier than ever, the good news is that many of us are actually looking for offers and ideas to make our lives better over throughout the coming year. Here are some tips on how yours can be the message that makes it through and gets the response you’re looking for.

Get to the point with an effective subject line. Your message isn’t going anywhere unless it has a break-through-the-clutter subject line. Consider one of these surefire approaches:

  • Offer an enticing, irresistible prize, bonus or other special incentive that’s exciting and feels like it’s just for each of your subscribers
  • Remind your subscribers why they love and trust you by featuring a recognizable product or brand
  • Make them curious with offers of something new befitting of a new year and all the promise it holds

Make it count. Make sure your messages are relevant, provide value and have a purpose. What is the problem you are uniquely able to solve?

Check your list twice. Always, always use your own list. It’s not cool to buy, sell or borrow email addresses. And make sure you have consent. eTouchServices can help with the rules on this and with scrubbing your list so that your messages get where you want them to go. This includes cleaning up duplicates, invalids, unsubscribes and making sure you’re up to speed with CASL-compliant standards.

Testing 1, 2, 3. With all the competition, it’s especially important that your message looks its very best. Your message should be tested across multiple email platforms and personalized with your customers name in the “To” line and your brand name in the “from” field. There’s some science involved in making sure your message design and formatting holds up. We can help with that.

Sharing the love.  If your offer or incentive is good enough, and your message comes as a gift that keeps giving, your audience might want to share it with others in their network that are also looking for the kind of help you can provide . The eTouchServices system includes a convenient forward-to-a-friend function.

Don’t break the inbox. Keep your sales messages in line with expectations. Be reasonable and respectful.

Now is the time to plan how your going to get in front of your subscribers in 2017. Let us know if you need some help.

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