Don’t send your messaging on summer vacation

Keeping in touch is easy and effective!

Ah, the dog days of summer. Time to take your foot off the pedal. Perhaps in some aspects, but the undeniable slower days of summer are a prime time to chat with your audience. For work and/or leisure people are forever ‘wired’ to their devices, so now is a terrific time to pop into the inbox and say ‘hi’. You may even get more attention than usual!

We notice various behavours through different seasons in different parts of the world. In Canada, eNewsletters during the summer months actually can earn a longer shelf life. We see recipients returning to an eNews whether to re-read the content or to double-check on that sale. Naturally, each database develops it’s own ‘personality’ and we enjoy monitoring the stats and helping our clients squeeze out the absolute most from each and every eNews. Be it through advice with timing, copy tweaks, subject lines and of courseĀ  email-safe words of the day to use (and just as important the ones to avoid)!

So…enjoy summer, take a cool sip of a tall beverage, then contact your friends at eTouchServices and let us take care of the heavy-lifting so you can make the most of summer AND have your eNews working for you!


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