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There are many things to be afraid of in Cyberspace – email marketing shouldn’t be one of them.

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You have probably heard the term “phishing” which is one of the primary threats that Cyber Security Awareness month addresses. Phishing occurs when online or “cyber” criminals use emails or social media messages that appear legit but are fronts to get confidential information such as passwords, usernames or payment/credit card details that can be used for fraudulent purposes.

Cyber attackers can also exploit vulnerabilities in software and hardware. They exploit security weaknesses by tricking people into opening infected emails or visiting corrupted websites that infect their computers with malicious software. Once they get into your computer, attackers can essentially steal your identity, distorting information, corrupting operation and programming your computer to attack other computers. This has happened to a few of my colleagues and it is an enormous pain not to mention the loss of trust and credibility it can cause.

The annual cost of identity theft in Canada has been estimated at nearly $1.9 billion. This is one of the reasons that the Canadian government upped its requirements under the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).  You can read some of the Fast Facts about CASL here. We’re completely up-to-date on and compliant with all CASL requirements and we help to ensure that all of our eNewsletter clients are too.

So while the cyberspace can be a scary place, it doesn’t have to be. With CASL, as well as the expert support companies like eTouchServices provides, you can go forth into the dark – or not so dark – world of email knowing that there are others that have your back.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, how can we help remove any lingering fears you might have about regular email marketing campaigns? Give this part of your business the time it deserves. Just as a cyber attack can bring you to your knees, so can an email marketing effort that isn’t properly planned or supported.

It’s amazing how less afraid our clients become once they have a solid strategy – and begin to see results after their first few campaigns.

It helps that we’re not scary to work with either. We’ll advise you on your message, special offers, design and overall approach. We’ll scrub your data so that your distribution list just has those email addresses with real people behind them, we’ll advise you on CASL requirements and test, and test, and test your message so that it arrives in the recipient’s email box looking just the way you envisioned it.

Through ongoing consultation with legal and online experts, eNewsletters coming out of the server have been established as safe and reputable on multiple servers worldwide – which means they make it through most spam filters.

We’ll also compile post-deployment statistics after your message has deployed so that you can measure the results of your campaign. A campaign can be a single email or many over a specified amount of time. We’ll assist you in determining the strategy that works for your budget and the results you’re looking for.

Making email marketing less scary:

  • Plan your campaigns with an eye on the results you’re looking for.
  • Get support, whether it’s us or another company that will ensure the security, quality and integrity of your message.
  • Insist on testing to make sure your message gets through the way you intended
  • Get up to date on CASL requirements – know the rules.
  • Look at the numbers, build on what works and let go what doesn’t

We hope we’ve helped remove some of those nasty fears that hold people back from using the web in the way it was intended – to open doors to a world of opportunities!

Bookmark this page or contact us today for more unscary advise about email marketing.

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Is your eNewsletter bringing home the gold?

gold medals

Like many people across the globe I soaked up the excitement of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. There were nail biting moments and great finishes. Those final seconds on the track, in the pool or during other events when, as a spectator, you’re holding your breath in anticipation, hoping for the best result but knowing that anything can happen. If we feel that way just watching, imagine what it must be like for the athletes who steal the games with their finesse, grace, grit and unadulterated hard work. We see their beauty but really can’t feel their pain. 

eNewsletters  are kind of like that. I know…What??

Sure, as I’ve been fist clenched, cheering on our Canadian athletes (sorry my out of country clients and friends) I’ve thought about how much hard work we don’t get to see in the long strides of that leading sprinter, the thrusting strokes of the swimmers or stellar jumps of the pole vaulters. So much has happened before their time in the spotlight. Before the gold, silver or bronze finish. 

Your strategic communications through an eNewsletter may be your claim to fame. Done right, it is a source of pride, representing your company and possibly your country too. 

Done right, it should take some effort, some sweat in testing and code to ensure a solid eNews that is stable in dozens of email programs, tablets and phones.

My hope is that you’re taking the steps to ensure that your audience doesn’t have to see your pain, but instead sees a quality finished product through your eNews that makes them so happy you get to reap the rewards. If you’re an eTouchServices client you may know a little about this kind of effort but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of how much work it takes to truly be in the game of successful email marketing for every campaign.

Helping our clients get out of the gate with their best feet forward is something we do everyday. All of our email marketing services include:

  • CASL compliancy.
  • Customized, brand-specific eNewsletter design services.
  • Database scrub and real time maintenance of subscribes, unsubscribes and change-of-addresses.
  • Testing in the latest devices, iOS, Windows, Android and browser updates. This means making sure messages display appropriately for the end user.
  • Advice on subject lines, timing, design, messaging and more.
  • Post-deployment statistics.

Through ongoing consultation with legal and online experts, eNewsletters coming out of the server have been established as safe and reputable on multiple servers worldwide – which means they fly through the major spam filters.

So…if  you are looking for a gold medal eNewsletter, contact us today.

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Don’t send your messaging on summer vacation

Keeping in touch is easy and effective!

Ah, the dog days of summer. Time to take your foot off the pedal. Perhaps in some aspects, but the undeniable slower days of summer are a prime time to chat with your audience. For work and/or leisure people are forever ‘wired’ to their devices, so now is a terrific time to pop into the inbox and say ‘hi’. You may even get more attention than usual!

We notice various behavours through different seasons in different parts of the world. In Canada, eNewsletters during the summer months actually can earn a longer shelf life. We see recipients returning to an eNews whether to re-read the content or to double-check on that sale. Naturally, each database develops it’s own ‘personality’ and we enjoy monitoring the stats and helping our clients squeeze out the absolute most from each and every eNews. Be it through advice with timing, copy tweaks, subject lines and of course  email-safe words of the day to use (and just as important the ones to avoid)!

So…enjoy summer, take a cool sip of a tall beverage, then contact your friends at eTouchServices and let us take care of the heavy-lifting so you can make the most of summer AND have your eNews working for you!


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