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The benefits of email marketing with eTouchServices

  • Real experts – No more WYSIWYG editors, admin systems, convoluted technology, online help forums or customer support tickets. We have experienced and seasoned professionals to manage your campaign every step of the way.
  • Trackable – Ads in a magazine can be flipped past, tv ads tivoed, radio ads ignored and print ads recycled. All of these methods share in a fatal flaw which is the inability to measure success and recipient behaviours. One of the most effective aspects of email marketing is the ability to know precisely when your message was received, if it was read and what action was inspired by it.
  • Flexible – The beauty of digital media is the ability to make changes. Iterate on your message and its style until it’s a perfect fit for your brand, your audience and your message.
  • Scaleable – Five hundred, five thousand or five million, email marketing scales to your needs and the growth of your business like no other marketing tool.
  • Empower your audience – Providing a system for your audience to opt into receiving your marketing materials creates a relationship of mutual respect and reciprocation. There is now no need for a sign reading “no flyers please” on your email inbox.
  • No more print and postage fees – Email marketing is eco-friendly advertising. Save on paper, postage and printing fees while eliminating the headaches of the postal system by going digital.
  • Privacy is our policy – We take great lengths and exceed the PIPEDA privacy laws to ensure the integrity and security of your mailing list as well as the respect you have for your audience. You can rest easy knowing that your investment is safe and professionally managed.
  • Our servers never sleep – We do, but not very much. While you’re busy taking care of business, we’re continually adjusting technology and messaging to ensure your audience’s experience is professional and rewarding.

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