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eTouchServices is your email marketing specialist. We are here to work with you to deliver your message to the world, the way you want to say it. Our hands-on personal touch breaks down the barriers of technology, marketing know-how and automated systems to deliver client and brand centric email marketing with unprecedented accuracy, effectiveness and ease. Let our expertise and experience manage your email marketing campaign so that you can focus on developing great relationships with your audience.

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Have you heard about Canada’s new Anti-Spam legislation (CASL)

We can help!

CASL enforces some of the toughest rules anywhere in the world for sending commercial electronic messages making it a a whole new world for email marketing. eTouchServices is taking steps to ensure that our clients’ eNewsletters are CASL compliant.

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Keeping you current with the latest privacy and anti-spam laws

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Thanks BDO International for sifting through the Federal Budget and delivering highlights of the business and personal impacts.
P.S. Gotta luv accountant humour! 🙂

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Don't cross your fingers and rely on the 'luck of the Irish' today to have confidence you're email marketing is successful. Let us help - we take care of all these unknowns...and more! (BTW - Happy ... See more

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Share the luv! When your audience wants to share your offer or incentive with others in their network, the eTouchServices system includes a convenient and tech-savvy forward function that maintains ... See more

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3 Reasons Email Campaigns Remain the Best Marketing Tool

Mobile phones have made email inboxes portable, so that no one is ever really offline. Take advantage of that.

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Marketing and Planning

Developing objectives and understanding your audience are the foundation of a successful marketing piece. We will work with you to discuss and develop your email marketing goals and create an action plan with a timeline to make them a reality.


Brand-tailored Design

Consistency and integrity are key when communicating to your audience. Harness the full strength of your brand, say goodbye to templates and dress for success. eTouchServices provides brand-tailored eNewsletters to seamlessly match your approach and aesthetic.

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We rigorously test each eNewsletter before deploying, ensuring the highest level of consistent delivery across dozens of email applications. Your email lists are carefully pruned to ensure that only active and receptive recipients are used. What does this mean? That you can sleep easy knowing your marketing materials are being well received by an audience looking forward to hearing from you just the way you intended.



Measuring success and audience feedback is the guiding light for your next marketing step. In addition to core statistics/analytics reporting we closely monitor which aspects of your eNewsletter were the most successful and which links were clicked most often. Our consultation cuts through the clutter and statical overload to provide you with a clear picture of your campaigns effect and what is truly effective.